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Belinda Blooming founded Blooming in April 2004 and is a leading expert on green floral design. Belinda’s floral design experience began in high school with a part time job at a local flower shop, but her passion for flowers was put on the back burner as she pursued her college degree in Urban Studies with an emphasis in Public Administration at TAFE. She occasionally worked for a friend’s flower shop, but it wasn’t until she moved to New York County after graduation that her passion was rediscovered. She had designed a half dozen weddings before taking on the challenge of doing her own (which she doesn’t recommend to brides!). It was a huge success and Blooming was officially born.


Belinda continued her professional career as a city planner while building her business, and it was her experience as a planner at the Port of Los Angeles that inspired her to apply the principles she was learning on the job to her floral design business. Belinda's dual passions for floral design and sustainability were merged when she decided that the Blooming would "go green". She found sources on organic and eco-label flowers, such as VeriFlora, and more environmentally friendly containers, such as the Blumebox.


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